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1) What are cash advances? Sometimes cash advances are also referred to as payday loans. These loans are generally used for short term purposes or minor emergencies in which cash is needed quickly.

2) Do I need to have good credit to be approved for cash advances? Good credit is not necessary to qualify for cash advances. In fact, credit is not even a consideration when you apply for cash advances.

3) What is the fast way to send in my application? The fastest way, is to apply online. Your information is received instantly by a loan consultant who will begin processing the loan.

4) I work part-time, can I be approved for cash advances? Of course, as long as you can prove that your income is over $800 per month it doesn't matter if you work full-time or part-time.

5) Are cash advances the same as a personal loan from my bank? No, the two types of loans are entirely different. Usually it is much harder to be approved for a personal loan from a bank as you will probably be required to have a co-signer if your credit is not good, and you may even need acceptable collateral. Cash advance loans do not require you to have good credit, a co-signer, or collateral.

6) Are cash advances available to people who live in rural areas? Certainly, that is the great thing about doing business online, you don't have to be in or close to a metropolitan area.

7) Can the money be wired to directly to my bank account? Yes.

8) What happens if I cannot pay my loan off when it is due?
By all means, it is necessary to contact the loan consultant that helped you get the loan. Usually, you will be asked to pay the interest and your loan balance will be extended until your next payday.

9) How often can I apply for cash advances? There is no limit on the amount of times you can apply for cash advances. Remember your prior loans accounts must be in good standing (paid off) before you can be eligible to receive additional loans.

10) Are there restrictions on what I can do with the money?
No, although we suggest that cash advances only be used when absolutely necessary. Using cash advances for a shopping spree is probably not a good idea! Most people use cash advances to pay for unexpected bills (such as a doctor's office visit), or minor repairs to their vehicles or homes.


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